Every sector of the agricultural industry is under pressure to make timely and informed decisions based on current crop information. Geospatial information will play an ever increasing role in the future of agricultural management, and BlackBridge is uniquely positioned to help our agricultural customers respond quickly and accurately.

BlackBridge offers a wide range of satellite image products, including RapidEye, which is the first commercial satellite constellation to include the Red Edge band, which is sensitive to changes in chlorophyll content. This band can assist in monitoring vegetation health, improve species separation and help in measuring protein and nitrogen content in biomass.  

With access to a number of industry-leading commercial satellite products from RapidEye, Airbus and DigitalGlobe, BlackBridge provides timely and repetitive coverage over critical agriculture areas for monitoring crop health, crop damage, and measuring crop yield.  The satellites can also be used to plan seeding, and map flooding or standing water.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss what BlackBridge can do for you, please email geomatics-sales@blackbridge.com.