high-resolution satellite imagery

Offering the largest collection capacities and the quickest return time to any place on earth, BlackBridge's RapidEye constellation of 5 identical Earth Observation satellites allows us to reliably provide complete coverages of difficult-to-image areas and to fill our archive with large quantities of current data daily. Our satellites can collect up to 5 million km² of imagery daily, which makes BlackBridge unique in providing large-area coverages in short periods of time.


Ortho Suite

Ortho Product

Level 3A

Individual 25 km by 25 km tiles of RapidEye imagery orthorectified for customers who do not want to do their own image processing

Ortho take product

Level 3B

Extends the usability of orthorectified RapidEye products by leveraging full image takes and adjusting multiple images together to cover larger areas

RapidEye mosaics

Level 3M

RapidEye Mosaics incorporate orthorectified and radiometrically color balanced RapidEye images, assembled to create a single, seamless large area image


Basic Product

Basic Product

Level 1B

This image data has been minimally processed and is ready for users who wish to do their own image processing

Key Features of the
RapidEye Constellation

Mission characteristic


Number of Satellites:


Orbit Altitude:

630 km in Sun-synchronous orbit

Equator Crossing Time:

11:00 am (approximately)

Sensor Type:

Multi-spectral push broom imager

Spectral Bands:


Capable of capturing any of the following spectral bands:





Red Edge:


Spectral Bands (nm)

440 – 510

520 – 590

630 – 685

690 – 730

760 – 850


Ground Sampling Distance (nadir):

6.5 m

Pixel Size (orthorectified):

5 m

Swath Width:

77 km

On-board Data Storage:

Up to 1500 km of image data per orbit

Revisit Time:

Daily (off-nadir) / 5.5 days (at nadir)

Image Capture Capacity:

5 million km²/day

Camera Dynamic Range:

12 bit

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