High Resolution Satellite Imagery

Ortho Suite

Ortho Product

Level 3A

Individual 25 km by 25 km tiles of RapidEye imagery orthorectified for customers who do not want to do their own image processing

Ortho take product

Level 3B

Extends the usability of orthorectified RapidEye products by leveraging full image takes and adjusting multiple images together to cover larger areas

RapidEye mosaics

Level 3M

RapidEye Mosaics incorporate orthorectified and radiometrically color balanced RapidEye images, assembled to create a single, seamless large area image


Basic Product

Basic Product

Level 1B

This image data has been minimally processed and is ready for users who wish to do their own image processing

Elevation Data

NEXTMap World 30 database

Seamless, best available surface elevation data with a 30-meter ground
sampling distance (GSD) covering all land mass over the entire planet

Monitoring Programs for Agriculture

Agriculture Monitoring

BlackBridge offers the perfect combination of revisit capabilities,
spatial resolution and spectral bands to monitor and manage cropland.

Change Detection

Persistent Change Monitoring (PCM)

RapidEye Persistent Change Monitoring (PCM) alleviates the problem associated with updating and maintaining large, complex geospatial datasets by offering a simpler way to identify areas of significant change.