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RapidEye Mosaics

RapidEye Mosaics are produced by combining multiple RapidEye satellite images to cover an entire region or country with minimal cloud-cover.

RapidEye Mosaics are created by combining images from our vast and rapidly expanding archive. Each image included in a RapidEye Mosaic is geometrically aligned and orthorectifed using highly-accurate ground control. The image is then uniformly color-balanced to guarantee a high-quality, natural-color image, produced using native red, green, and blue bands. The finished RapidEye Mosaic is conveniently formatted into a ready-to-use product, in a standard file format that is GIS-ready and requires no further processing.

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Description and Features


  • True natural color in Red, Green, Blue (RGB) derived from RapidEye‘s 5 meter resolution satellite imagery
  • Cloud-free imagery whenever possible (always less than 3%)
  • The most current high-resolution mosaics available, with narrow acquisition windows
  • Off-the-shelf or custom-made options


  • Visual simulation (VIS/SIM) projects
  • Digital mapping
  • Resource and infrastructure monitoring
  • Feature identification and analysis


  • Full country or custom AOI areas
  • Open & Go GIS ready format
  • Quick delivery
  • Highly cost-effective


  • BlackBridge hosted OGC Web Map Services
  • BlackBridge hosted OGC Web Map Tile Services
  • BlackBridge hosted Esri™ image service
  • BlackBridge FTP account

Off-The-Shelf Mosaic Product Specifications

RapidEye Mosaics Product Specifications (PDF)

Product Attribute


Product Components
and Format

RapidEye Mosaic product consists of the following file components:

  • Image File: GeoTIFF file that contains image data and geolocation information
  • Metadata File: XML format metadata file
  • Browse Image File: GeoTIFF format
  • Spatial Image Map (SIM) fileset – ESRI shapefile (SHP) format

Image Bands

Natural Color – Red, Green, Blue (RGB)

Image Bit Depth




Cloud Cover

3% or less (excluding selected areas)

Product Tile Size

Standard tile size is 30 min x 30 min (approx. 55 km x 55 km at the Equator)
< 0.5GB per tile

Horizontal Datum


Horizontal Projection


Custom Mosaics

All product attributes mentioned under "Product Specifications" are for RapidEye‘s standard off-the-shelf RapidEye Mosaics™. Need something a little different? No problem. We also offer custom mosaics (subject to feasibility)

RapidEye Custom Mosaics allow you to define:

  • A specific area and time of interest
  • Different band combinations (5 band, CIR, etc)
  • Different image bit depth (original 16-bit instead of 8-bit)
  • Custom tiling and naming scheme
  • Alternate file formats

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Worldwide Sales Partners

An extensive worldwide Sales Partner Network has been established to help you in your country in your language.
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Our partners are constantly finding innovative ways to use RapidEye imagery. This video was created by Remote Sensing Solutions GmbH (RSS) using our RapidEye Mosaic of Hawaii. 

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