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BlackBridge’s RapidEye constellation has been and will continue to be an asset for the REDD+ initiative. The combination of large-area coverage, frequent revisit intervals, five multispectral bands, and high resolution makes RapidEye products invaluable to REDD+.

With a collection rate of up to 5 million km² of earth every day, RapidEye satellites have collected an archive of over 7 billion km², dating back to 2009.

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RapidEye for REDD+

As part of its effort to assist participating countries in becoming "REDD-ready", BlackBridge holds an extensive archive of RapidEye imagery, which provide users with an excellent multitemporal data source to produce land use maps, monitor changes in vegetation health and forest extension, etc. Whether identifying which areas are forested or tracking the change of land use over multiple years, BlackBridge is the best partner. Wall-to-wall coverages of most REDD countries are available in our archive for use under the UN REDD and REDD+ initiatives. For more information, contact our REDD Team at redd@blackbridge.com.

BlackBridge in Action for REDD+

BlackBridge Advantages

In the context of REDD and REDD+, BlackBridge offers several advantages for participating countries:

  • Multi-spectral imaging capacities allow for enhanced vegetation delineation and mapping
  • BlackBridge satellites can return to a cloudy region multiple times until a low-cloud or cloud-free image is acquired
  • Proven capacity to accommodate single-season image acquisition
  • Multiple coverages of countries are available for seasonal comparison or change detection
  • Wide area and frequent imaging capacities give BlackBridge a clear advantage when covering entire countries

Brochures & Videos

Blackbridge at UNEA Climate Action Expo 2014

Representatives from BlackBridge were in Nairobi in June for the UNEA Climate Action Sustainable Innovation Expo. Check out this interview with Vice President – International Sales, John Ahlrichs, emphasizing BlackBridge's role in fighting climate change.​